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Tromso's Oceanic Ballet: Orca Odyssey and the Majestic Marine Ensemble

Arctic Explorers

This tour is conducted by Arctic Explorers. Set forth on a journey from Tromso to the pristine waters of Skjervoy with Arctic Explorers. Since 2015, we've guided travelers into the mesmerizing rhythm of the Arctic seas.
The tranquil waters around Skjervoy often paint an awe-inspiring tableau where orcas might present intimate moments with their delicate newborn calves, and where the majestic dance of humpback, fin, and minke whales might grace your presence.

Your Arctic Marine Expedition Highlights:
•Orca Central: Skjervoy, a prime backdrop where captivating orcas might be witnessed in their powerful grace.
•Humpback Haven: A stage set for moments where humpback whales might emerge, adding to the marine ballet.
•Fin and Minke Wonders: Be on the lookout as fin and minke whales potentially contribute to the oceanic symphony.

Delving Deeper into Your Experience:
•Profound Expertise: We are proud pioneers of Tromso whale watching since 2015, with our commitment reflected in a 99% hit rate and our standing testament in a 97% satisfaction rate.
•Hall of Fame: Our relentless pursuit of excellence, underscored by our eight TripAdvisor Travellers' Choice Awards, has earned us a distinguished spot in TripAdvisor's Hall of Fame, cementing our legacy.
•Safety Assured: Navigate with confidence. Our expeditions are led by seasoned skippers in Skjervoy, ensuring the best viewing opportunities and utmost safety.
•Intimate Encounters: Our boat trips offer a personal touch, catering to a maximum of just 12 enthusiasts. Our eco-friendly bus transport combines with other operators for a sustainable approach.

Dressing Against the Arctic Chill: Dressing appropriately for the Arctic chill isn't just about warmth – it's crucial for safety. The key? Wool instead of cotton!
•Avoid Cotton: Wet cotton is equivalent to cold cotton. Wet wool, however, retains warmth.
•Embrace the Wool: Deck yourself in very thick wool garments from head to toe, closest to your skin. This includes a thick woolen shirt, woolen long underwear, and thick woolen socks.
•Layering is Essential: After your woolen base, opt for a very thick middle layer – ideally a heavy wool sweater or thick fleece. Please refrain from using down as a layer; once wet, it loses its insulating properties.
•Arctic Floatation Suit: Our Arctic floatation suit is crafted to retain warmth.
However, if you're not dressed properly underneath, the cold will still find its way.
Gear Up Right: Our provided boots are of top-tier quality, rated to withstand temperatures plummeting to a staggering -50°C.

Your Journey Blueprint:
•Gathering Point: Please meet at the entrance of the iconic Scandic Ishavshotel in Tromso. Note: No pickups will occur at this location. Seek out the large bus, inquire if it's the whale bus heading to Skjervoy, and check with the driver if your booking name is on their list. Ensure you are on board by 05:20 am latest.
Stay Informed - Weather Alerts: Mother Nature can sometimes play spoilsport. On occasions when inclement weather forces us to cancel the expedition, we'll promptly notify you via email.

Hence, it's crucial to check your email inbox before bedtime and immediately upon waking up. When unfavorable conditions lead to a tour change and two boats with 24 guests in total want to reschedule, it's often those who respond first that secure any available spots. The rest will receive a full refund.

Don't be among those who check their emails too late and miss out on potential rescheduling opportunities; be proactive to ensure the best outcome for your adventure.

May this journey craft moments that linger, deepening your connection to the Arctic’s marine heartbeat with Arctic Explorers.

Included: Guide, transfer to boat (approx. 4 hours each direction), baguette, flotation suit, boots, hats, balaclava, mittens, ski goggles.

Please bring: Very warm woolen clothes to wear under your flotation suit. Do not wear cotton.

The minimum height requirement to join this tour is 140 cm.

Duration: Around 12 hours
Number of participants: 2-12 in boat. (More in transfer bus)
Level of difficulty: Easy
Departure time and place: 05:30AM (05:30) from outside of Scandic Ishavshotel. Bus transfer is by the Best Arctic
*Please check your confirmation for exact departure time
Phone: +47414 42 247