Seafood in Tromsø
©Vegard Stien

Arctic dining experiences in Tromsø

In order to really get to know and learn about new cultures you need to experience it, live it, and taste it! In Tromsø you will find a rich foodscene ranging from Norwegian cuisine with local delicacies to international kitchens.    

The identity of a cuisine is based on where the ingredients are from. The Norwegian cuisine comes from the mountains to the sea, and the flavors showcase the Norwegian flora and fauna wilderness. One of the main ingredients are the four meats you will find in this region: reindeer, lamb, moose, and grouse. They are especially tender and juicy thanks to the outlying pastures. In addition, the clean and cold surroundings provide the perfect platform for producing goat and cow milk of high quality, which also leads to delicious dairy products like cheese. Norway is known for its brown cheese, “brunost” in Norwegian, which has a caramelized taste. It is mainly used as a spread on bread and/or Norwegian waffles. A lot of cafés in Tromsø sell the traditional waffle with jam, sour cream and brown cheese as topping. Surrounding Tromsø you will find local farms specializing in producing organic food and vegetables that are being delivered to a selection of restaurants and cafés in the city. The top-quality fish and seafood caught from the deep fjords in the Tromsø-region or salmon fished in local salmon rivers can be enjoyed on certain boats along the harbour, restaurants in the city or even at a bonfire by the sea. By visiting local markets and stores, restaurants and cafés, you will learn much about the history and culture of Arctic Norway. 

As Tromsø is a city with diversity and international citizens, many of our restaurants serve international cuisine. Ranging from Italian pizza and pasta to spicy Indian flavors, many restaurants still pride themselves in mixing international flavors with local ingredients. All restaurants, bars and nightclubs are located in the city center, within walking distance of the city hotels. Enjoy!


Norwegian cuisine International cuisine
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