Rakettnatt in Tromsø
©David Jensen

A lively city

Tromsø is known for its rich cultural scene, and visiting us you will find big and small events happening year-round.

As the Aurora is dancing above the city during Polar Nights, we start off the year with the Polar Night Half Marathon, Tromsø International Film Festival and the Northern Lights Festival in January. This sets the mood for an eventful year in our city. In February it's Sami Week which is celebrated with a variety of happenings all over town, ranging from tastings, lassoing and reindeer racing in the main street of Tromsø. 

Throughout the year Kulturhuset Tromsø (Tromsø Culture House) and Hålogaland teater (Hålogaland theatre) sets up regional and national productions. 

As summer arrives, giving us a period of 24 hours of full daylight, the cultural scene springs. Events like the Riddu Riđđu festival, Bukta festival, Midnight Sun Marathon, Rakettnatt music festival and more makes sure that we have a constant flow of life in Tromsø. 

In November it's Tromsø Arctic Pride, and leading up to Christmas you will experience a true Winter Wonderland with Christmas markets and magical lighting all over the city.