Vegard Stien

Visiting Tromsø for your next meeting, conference or event is not only about good technology solutions and infrastructure, but also what you and your team can experience outside the venue. Whether you are looking to explore culture and city life, or raw nature, Tromsø offers the complete urban wilderness experience. 

Venner på utekafé i Tromsø

Urban Tromsø

Having a strong internalization with a rich and diverse cultural life has turned Tromsø from a small town to an international hub within the mountains in the Arctic region. With large institutions like the University Hospital of North Norway, the Arctic University of Norway, Tromsø Geofysiske Observatorium and more, Tromsø is constantly expanding knowledge within culture, business, and politics. The international airport with daily domestic and international flights keeps Tromsø well connected to the rest of Norway and the world. Walking through our city you’re surrounded by the constant mix of old and new buildings and architecture. Iconic modern buildings like the Arctic Cathedral, the city library and Polaria Experience Center are all inspired by nature or ancient Arctic expedition history. These sources of inspiration are also taken into the food scene. In Tromsø we have high quality international food culture, as well as restaurants using local ingredients and resources from land and sea. 

Wild Tromsø

Visit Tromsø during autumn and winter and you will be able to experience Northern Lights and Polar nights. Visit us during the summer and join outdoor activities under the Midnight Sun when there's daylight all night long. Being surrounded by mountains and fjords, the activity offers range from hikes to spectacular peaks, reindeer sledding, fishing, adventurous RIB tours, snow shoeing or kayaking, to visiting Sami camps to learn more about Sami culture. Imagine standing on a mountain looking down on the city and then turning around to find yourself in the middle of nature.

Dame på fjelltur utenfor Tromsø