Nydelig utsikt over hav og fjell
Bil parkert på snødekt vei med folk og nordlys i bakgrunnen
Frokost og stearinlys
Halefinnen til en knølhval
Små øyer og hav
Gang og litt av kjøkken på Posthuset Expedition Lodge
Fjell på Senja
Havna på Finnsnes, Hurtigruten i bakgrunnen
Nordlys over hav og fjell
Nordlys over hav og fjell

Exclusive 4 days with whale watching - and northern lights expedition on spectacular Senja

Basecamp Senja

This tour is conducted by Basecamp Senja. Welcome to an exiting four day Northern Lights expedition on Senja, including a whale watching from Tromsø on day one.

Welcome to 4 days exiting whale- and northern lights expedition on Senja. All inclusive; Whale safari (Tromsø), northern lights-safari, fjordcruise, Scenic Route Senja, accommodation, all meals, lectures, coffe tea, fruit, cake during your stay, transport Finnsnes-Senja-Finnsnes.

Not included: Meal in Tromsl the first day. Transport Tromsø – Finnsnes with the express boat, or Finnsnes-Tromsø with Hurtigruten.no. Buy your tickets online.

This expedition starts Thursday-Sunday in December 2023 and January 2024.

Day 1: Thursday
08.00 (AM): This expedition starts in Tromsø Thursday departure 08:00 from the dock in the centre of Tromsø (close to The Edge Hotel in Tromsø). The last seasons the mighty humpback whales and orcas has arrived into the fjords of Skjervøy for feeding. The boat is a large catamaran that has a warm lounge inside. It is possible to buy food on board. This is a full day trip, and you can expect to be back in Tromsø by 17:00 (5 PM) at the latest. The whale season is normally: November – end/mid of January.

20:30 (08:30 PM): Departure Express boat Tromsø (Prostneset Tromsø havn) to Finnsnes 1 hour 15 min. Buy the ticket on board. Or use the App Troms Billett. Be there in time (30 min before departure).

Basecamp Senja meet you at the terminal in Finnsnes, we continue by car, one hour along the Scenic Route Senja – Perhaps the most dramatic nature in Northern Norway! We arrive at Posthuset Expedition Lodge in a small village outer Senja. The lodge is located right at the shoreline, also a very good location to explore the magic northern lights. It will be an experienced guide / host with you most of the time. All meals as well as coffee / tea cake / fruit as much as you want throughout your stay. We serve homemade North Norwegian food. Lunch and dinner.

The first evening at the lodge we will provide you with information and detailed plan. The island Senja is a very good location for the ultimate Northern Lights experience, from spectacular view point’s outer Senja. Dinner at the lodge. We decide today's program according to the weather forecast, with activity every morning and every evening. It's an experienced host/guide all days during the expedition. Basecamp Senja received very good feedback from the guests. This expedition is exclusive and is best suited for those who prefer to stay in small groups and explore great winter adventures.

Posthuset Expedition Lodge is a cosy lodge with ten sleeping places. They are just "cabins" with ceilings and walls, and only curtains to cover the entrance. new lodge (200 m from Posthuset) double room with private bathroom. You can choose where you want to sleep.

Day 1: Full day in Tromsø – hvale safai included. But no meals included. Express boat from Tromsø to Finnsnes (1 hour 15 minute) pick up point! Arriving time Finnsnes: 21:45

Day 2:
Meals: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Fjord cruise with open Zodiac boat in to the beautiful Bergsfjorden. We might see the great white-tailed eagles and seals. During this tour we also share the history of Senja. We will provide a suit for this open boat tour. Warm lunch after the tour.
In the evening we set out hunting the northern lights.

Day 3:
Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner
Scenic Route Senja!
Road trip to the most scenic spots along the Scenic Route Senja. Perhaps the roughest nature in Northern Norway. Bring your camera!
Hunting the northern lights in the evening.
We may change the days to the different activities - in terms of weather and wind.

Day 4:
09:30 Departure/transport from the lodge
11:30 Departure from Finnsnes with Hurtigruten.no or havila.no. Remember to book your tickets online.
14:15 Arrival Tromsø

Incuded in the expedition:
3 x breakfast 3 x lunch 2 x dinner and dessert
3 x accommodation
1 x whale watching (Tromsø)
2 x northern lights safari
1 x fjord cruise in Bergsfjorden
1 x Scenic Route Senja
2-3 lectures incl.
Coffe/tea cake, fruit during your stay.
Transport Finnsnes-Senja-Finnsnes

When we receive your booking, we will send you a list of what you should pack, and complementary program day by day.

Transport Tromsø – Senja/Finnsnes port:
20:30 Departure express ferry from Tromsø Havn Prostneset. Thursday (Close to Hotel The Edge in Tromsø) Price per person one way with the express boat about NOK 303, use the App Troms Billett to buy tickets.

Welcome to a spectacular whale- and Northern Lighs expedition on Senja - Norway's second largest island. www.basecampsenja.no phone +47 91709618 [email protected]
Designed for adventure

Please bring: Warm clothes
Number of participants: max. 10
Level of difficulty: easy
Departure time and place: Express boat from Tromsø Havn Prostneset. Time: 20:30 evening. 1 hour and 15 min to Finnsnes (pick up point)
Duration: 4 days and 3 nights.
Address: Posthuset Expedition Lodge, 9385 Skaland
Phone: +47917 09 618