Aurora Sky Point - Snø og Nordlys
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Nordlys over vinterlandskap
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Aurora Sky Point - Snø og Nordlys
Aurora Sky Point - Snø og Nordlys

Aurora Sky Point - Snow and Northern Lights

Visit Bardufoss

In quiet and magnificent surroundings you will find the Aurora Sky Point, the perfect location for Northern Lights adventures in the Bardufoss Region. Book an adventure combined with snowshoeing, snowfun and camp fires in the charming Aurora Hut.
Aurora Sky Point is located in the hillside, in the middle of the Bardufoss Region, at 360 meters above sea level. Surrounded by the Arctic mountains and snow you find the cozy Aurora Hut, far away from big city light pollution. Your guide will stay with you throughout the night and tell you local stories and legendes about the Northern Lights. Heat up in the Aurora Hut and explore the snowy landscape outdoors at the Aurora Sky Point. The Aurora Hut has windows in the ceiling, so you are sure not to miss the Northern Lights. We have snowshoes for you to borrow and take a walk along the tracks outside the Aurora Hut, and chase the Northern Lights in complete darkness, 100% free from light pollution. Our guide has also prepared forms of packed snow that you can use to create snow art whilst waiting for the Northern Lights to appear! You will be served "gløgg" to drink and warm, homemade soup to eat during your Aurora Sky Point experience.

The Aurora Sky Point will maximize your chances of observing the Northern Lights! The stable winter climate in the inland creates excellent conditions for Northern Lights observations. Most winter days have sub-zero temperatures and clear skies. The area is free from light pollution and has clear views towars the northern skies.

Please note that the Northern Lights are considered a natural phenomenon which means we cannot guarantee that you will experience northern lights. However, we promise to do our best to make the experience unforgettable, even without the presence of the “green lady”.

In our Aurora Sky Point experience we use reusable cutlery and clean wood for our fireplaces. We make sure our only footprints are left in the snow.

Arrive by car at Basecamp NORD in the middle of the Målselv Mountain Village. It's easy to find us!

Please contact us if you have any questions!

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