Elgsafari i den fantastiske Bardufoss-regionen
Elgsafari i den fantastiske Bardufoss-regionen
Elgsafari i den fantastiske Bardufoss-regionen
Elgsafari i den fantastiske Bardufoss-regionen
Elgsafari i den fantastiske Bardufoss-regionen

Wild Moose Safari in the Bardufoss Region

Visit Bardufoss

Be on the lookout for the King of the Arctic forests: the mighty moose! This is a unique adventure on the doorstep of Europe's last wilderness. Meet us in Bardufoss for an exciting Wild Moose Safari!
The Bardufoss Region has a great population of wild moose, so join us for an exciting safari and wilderness walk for your best chances of encountering these majestic animals. Lunch is included!

Meet your guide directly at Rundhaug Gjestegård for a fantastic pre-show where you'll learn all you need to know before heading out for your safari. You will hear stories of local culture and moose hunting and be shown fun artifacts related to the moose. We then head out to look for the moose in our car. We'll take you to our prime moose locations, where we can observe the moose from a respectful distance. We'll make sure not to disturb the moose unnecessarily, as the moose is a very shy animal. If the situation allows, we will take a step out of the car for a better view. Your guide will let you know when the time is right!

Our unique Hunter's Hut is in the forests, and we'll take a walk by foot or on snowshoes to visit the hut. Along the way you may spot moose tracks and a wide variety of other wildlife! Have your camera ready! Lunch is served outdoors if the weather allows it.

Please note that we cannot guarantee observations of the wild moose as it is considered a natural phenomenon - this is part of the excitement of the wild moose safari!

The inland climate of the Bardufoss region provides calm and clear weather most of the winter season, which provides optimal conditions for Wild Moose Safari. The area has a very large population of moose, and in the winter season we experience endless encounters with these fascinating giants in the beautiful landscapes of the Målselv Valley.

This tour is organized in the period October 1st and March 31st the following year.
Please dress according to the Arctic winter climate. We recommend winter/hiking boots, wool base layer, winter coat, hat, and mittens. If the weather is very cold, you may borrow one of our snowsuits.

Book your wild moose safari by 16.00 (4 PM) the day before arrival.

If you are staying in a hotel nearby, you may book pick-up. Please contact us for pick-up!

Please contact us if you wish to spend the night at the historic hotel Rundhaug Gjestegård!

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