Gjester som ser på en film i en kinosal
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Gjester som ser på en film i en kinosal
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Verdensteateret Cinematek

Verdensteatret is one of Europe's oldest film theatres still in operation. It’s a vibrant film culture center in Tromsø, with daily film screenings, and a lovely and popular bar.
Verdensteatret is located in the city centre, north in Storgata. The cinema opened in 1916 to the delight of the city's population, where film screenings were accompanied by live music in the theatre. Verdensteatret is one of Tromsø's oldest and most beautiful buildings, preserved intact in its old style. The wall paintings from 1921 by Sverre Mack depicting Norwegian folk tales still brighten up the walls inside the theater. In the projection room, however, the equipment is state of the art, with a 4K digital projector as well as traditional 35mm and 16mm equipment.

During Tromsø International Film Festival (TIFF) in January, there is a buzz around the building as the biggest film festival in the country takes place all over the city, and people watch movies from morning to night. During the Silent Film Days in April, you get to see classic films from the silent film era of the 1920s and 30s, with classic piano music as well as modern newly composed music of various genres performed live in the theatre. And in September the cinema hosts TIFF Junior, a film festival for children and youngsters.

The unique atmosphere and acoustics also make Verdensteatret a popular concert
venue, and it is used for everything from classical music to jazz, rock and pop concerts.
The venue is also used for debates, seminars and other events. In the old cinema foyer, there is a pleasant bar, where locals like to gather before or after a film screening, or just to enjoy a drink or two. During weekdays the music is exclusively played from vinyl records, while on weekends DJs are ensuring that the dance floor is full of life. In the summer one can sit outside and enjoy a drink in the sun while watching life run its course on the busy pedestrian street.

The bar opens at noon and the film screenings usually start around 17.00. On Wednesdays and Fridays there is also a matinee screening at 13.00.

Please check out the website for more info on film program and current events.
Address: Storgata 93B, 9008 Tromsø