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Tromso's Photo-Perfect Fjord Tour: Capture Breathtaking Moments

Arctic Explorers

This tour is conducted by Arctic Explorers.

Plunge into Norway’s pristine landscapes with Arctic Explorers, the pioneers of fjord adventures in Tromso.

As you journey through these cinematic landscapes, each view is not just a sight but a heartfelt story, a moment frozen in time.
Unveiling Tromso’s True Essence

With the backdrop of towering mountains cradling tranquil waters, every twist and turn delivers a masterpiece. The possible sights of soaring sea eagles and grazing reindeer immerse you deeper into Tromso's untouched beauty.

Why Arctic Explorers is Your Ideal Fjord Companion:

•Trailblazing Pioneers: As the first company to introduce fjord tours in Tromso, our legacy is built on years of passion and dedication. Our routes are crafted from years of exploration, bringing you only the finest spots.

•Legacy of Excellence: With over 45,000 enchanted souls hosted since 2012, our commitment is evident. Our steadfast reputation is anchored by our 97% satisfaction rate and 8 esteemed TripAdvisor Travellers' Choice awards.

•Engage with the Arctic: Our tours are designed to make you a part of the Arctic, not just a spectator. The whisper of the winds, the play of lights, and the rhythm of nature become a part of your narrative.

•Safety & Comfort: Traverse with ease as our seasoned team navigates the fjords ensuring your journey is as comfortable as it is breathtaking.

•Gastronomic Delights: Let the flavors of Norway complement your visual treat. Relish in a hearty meal, ensuring you experience Norway in every sense.

•Your Journey, Our Craft: Every traveler is unique, and our tours respect that individuality. Be it a seasoned photographer or a wandering soul; we promise memories that linger.

•Moments Captured, Stories Created: Every route is chosen, ensuring your every snapshot reverberates the essence of Tromso, making your journey the envy of many.

Essential Information for a Smooth Journey

•Stay Warm: The Arctic's grandeur comes with a chill. Dress in layers and bring hats and mittens.

•Regular Comfort Stops: We've scheduled regular toilet stops to ensure you're at ease throughout the journey.

•Memorable Moments: Our team excels in capturing moments. Opt for our photography service to take a piece of Tromso back with you.

Experience the fjords like never before. Dive into an Arctic narrative, meticulously crafted, awaiting your presence.

Included: Guide, transport, warm clothes, boots, meal, hot drinks.
Duration: 5 hours
Level of difficulty: Easy
Number of participants: 2-15 (we accommodate larger private groups upon request)
Departure time and place: 10am (10:00) at Comfort Hotel Xpress.
Phone: +47414 42 247