inngangen til restauranten
et bord fylt med mat
mange folk som spiser i restauranten
en biff som ligger på et fat med grønnsaker
en burger med chips
en desert i glasskål
en desert
en drink som er lagt i baren

Charly's Restaurant & Bar

Charly’s is a contemporary restaurant with Nordic ingredients with inspiration from the world, in the heart of the Tromsø city.
Enjoy local classics like grilled stockfish, klippfish poppers or reindeer tenderloin in a warm and nice atmosphere. Our waiters will, through enlightening the origin and history of the dish, help you find the perfect dish(es) for you, either it’s an old classic or trying something new. In addition to the bigger main courses on our menu we serve smaller dishes that’s absolutely perfect for sharing. If you’re having a hard time deciding what you want to eat or you simply want to try it all, come to Charly’s.
Address: Radisson Blu Hotel, Sjøgata 7, 9259 Tromsø