WASC northern lights Tromsø
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WASC 2023 in Tromsø

The annual World Airline Ski Championships (WASC) will be held in Tromsø 12th - 17th March 2023.

Further down on this page you will find relevant information for the event. You can also click here to get to IASF's airlineski webpage.

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What is the WASC?

World Airlines Ski Championships (WASC) is an international winter sports competition conduced by International Airlines Ski Federation (IASF) in collaboration with Arctic Meetings by Visit Tromsø and Tromsø Alpine Park. The teams will compete in four (areas): Alpine Skiing (Slalom and Giant Slalom), Nordic Skiing (Sprint and Long Distance) and Snowboarding (Parallel Giant Slalom).

A great number of airline ski teams will compete in the professional championships. In fact, there is more than 100 airline ski teams registered in IASF. Participation in this event is limited to airline employees from all over the world.

Join the 62nd annual WASC in Tromsø 12th-17th March 2023!

See you in the Arctic.