close up of a troll's face
Troll Museum building from the sea
a sea troll scaring a man with a boat
a troll in a mountain
a scene depicting a troll prince and people

Troll Museum

Welcome to the first Troll Museum with augmented reality. This is the first and only museum about trolls and fairy tales in Norway, and is a must-do experience.

Centrally located in Tromsø city, the Troll Museum is the only place where you can meet with the trolls and discover the magical world of Norwegian tales.

Our museum is for children aged 4 to 99. We guide our guests through Norwegian folk beliefs and fairy tales, creating a space for knowledge, ideas and dreams. We present visual tales about trolls and other beings from folk beliefs.

The modern augmented reality (AR) technology allows you to see trolls alive. Augmented reality is the process of using technology to superimpose images, text or sounds on top of what a person can already see. Our guests use tablets to alter the existing picture and see the life, hidden from normal sight.

The truly magical Troll Museum will make your stay in Tromsø unforgettable.

The Troll Museum is open every day at Kaigata 3, from 10:00 to 19:00.

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Address: Kaigata 3, 9008 Tromsø