Senja Moments - Tranøya
Senja Moments - Tranøya
Senja Moments - Tranøya
Senja Moments - Tranøya
Senja Moments - Tranøya
Senja Moments - Tranøya
Senja Moments - Tranøya
Senja Moments - Tranøya
Senja Moments - Tranøya
Senja Moments - Tranøya
Senja Moments - Tranøya
Senja Moments - Tranøya


Tranøya is a small island on the south coast of Senja. The island has no car traffic, and the only motorized vehicle is the tractor on the farm. Tranøya is the place to enjoy the peace and quiet.
On the island there is beautiful nature and bustling wildlife. You will experience good hiking opportunities, both along well-trodden paths or in the countryside. You can also meet a flock of spelled sheep, which roam freely on the island and make sure to keep the cultural landscape alive.

We pick you up at the quay at Refsnes and shuttle you over to Tranøya by boat. The boat trip takes about 5 minutes and we have all the equipment needed for the crossing. Maybe we see eagles and other seabirds and animals during the crossing. On the island we follow the road on foot from the quay and up to the farm, the trip takes about 5 minutes. If you need extra luggage handling, just let us know.

Between forest and fields is Tranøy farm. The main house on the farm is Prestegården from 1856, which is today used as a guest house. In addition, we rent out rooms in Bryggerhuset from the year 1900. At the rectory, Tranøy church from 1773 reigns, which has been a historic meeting point for a number of years. The farm consists of several other houses, such as the barn, Gammelgården and Drengestua m.m.

Our guests spend the night in the new Prestegården, which sleeps 10 people. The rectory has a common area on the ground floor, with a lounge and two living rooms with long tables for food. In Bryggerhuset we have 2 double rooms with shared bathroom. All bedrooms have rural views.

The kitchen is staffed from morning to evening and traditional Norwegian food and vegetarian are prepared as desired.

Our premises are well suited for parties, gatherings, courses, meetings and other events.

In Prestegården we have 2 suites, 2 double rooms, and 2 single rooms connected to one of the double rooms. The double rooms are located on the 2nd floor and have a private bathroom.
The suites are located on the 3rd floor with private bathroom and living room attached to the room. We get a lot of praise for our good beds.
There is no elevator in the building.

Towels and linen are included.
Coffee / tea included for overnight guests.
We offer varied breakfast buffet, lunch, snacks and dinner to our overnight guests. All visitors must pre-order dinner and lunch and report whether there are food allergies that must be taken into account.

Various information:
Alcohol serving in the restaurant section / outdoor seating.
Free parking.
Free Wifi.

Cultural walk with guide:
Tranøya has been inhabited for 2000 years, and our local guide guides you through the rich history of people who have been to the island before us.
The cultural walk gives you an insight into life on the island from the Viking Age to the present. The walk deals with the farm, boathouse sites and grave sites from the Viking Age and a tour of Tranøy church (1775).
about 1.5 hours of hiking
Kr. 325, - p.p. Minimum 2 participants

Picnic for two.
We pack packed lunches, drinks and blankets in the basket for you that you can take with you on trips where you want on the island.
Kr. 650, - for two people.
Rental of SUP and kayak *:
Do you want some exercise during the holidays, or do you want to try something new? With us you can rent SUP and kayak, and explore the skerries around Tranøya at your own pace.
Whether you want to experience the sea on fresh mornings or late evenings under the midnight sun, SUP and kayak are great for close contact with the elements.
We rent out complete equipment for both kayak and SUP.
* Kayaks are only rented to people with wet cards.
Price SUP: 300, - per piece for 1 hour.
Price Kayak: 800, - per piece for 4 hours

Fishing trip with Skipper:
We offer fishing with skipper in the area around Tranøya. Around the island it is possible to fish for saithe, cod, redfish, halibut, mackerel and haddock.
We have all the necessary equipment and bring coffee and water. Afterwards, we gut the catch on the quay.
Duration: about 2 hours / NOK. 690, - per person. Min 2 participants, max 5 participants.

Sightseeing by boat:
Experience the archipelago around Tranøya from a boat. You get to see the beautiful nature, bird life and wildlife on and around the island.
Kr. 590, - p.p. Min 2 participants, max 7 participants.

Isn't it tempting to have a sea bath in northern Norwegian bathing temperatures?
In summer you can enjoy the endless bright summer evenings and in winter you can see the northern lights and the starry sky while keeping warm with a lovely bath in the jacuzzi. Duration: 1 hour.
NOK 350 for 2 pers
NOK 475 for 3 pers
NOK 585 for 4 pers

Lending of snowshoes and poles:
In the winter you can borrow snowshoes from us, and explore Tranøya on foot. Ask us about hiking trails, or get to know the island on your own.
Kr. 350, - per par.

Mate sauene:
On Tranøya we have a fun flock of sheep of the type Old Norwegian spælsau. They want to taste if we have something good to feed them. From April / May we have lambs on the farm.
Address: Tranøya 53, 9304 Vangsvik
Phone: 004746929013