Reindeer in the nature
Huser på Kvaløya
Bygninger ved stranda
Ersfjordbotn på kvelden

Tour de Ersfjordbotn with e-bike

Legendary Adventure

This tour is conducted by Legendary Adventure.
Spend a day on the bike seat and get to experience Kvaløya and Ersfjordbotn.
Kvaløya is located just outside Tromsø and offers majestic nature with beautiful sandy beaches and steep mountains that plunge straight into the sea. The tour starts in the centre of Tromsø where we pass several sights on the way to Kvaløya. When we have experienced a bit of the city, it is time to take the tour further towards Kvaløya and Bryggejentene.

Bryggejentene is located in the middle of Ersfjordbotn on Kvaløya, in the old pier that the owner's great-grandfather built in the early 20th century. Previously, there was a fish farm in this building. Bryggejentene started up in 2010 and has been well attended since then. Here you can enjoy yourself in nice surroundings and feel the atmosphere in the room and with a fantastic view out over the fjord. At Bryggejentene you can enjoy delicious coffee from Strøm Eriksen, who is based in the same building, eat delicious cakes and have a good lunch.

Afterwards, you can walk around the store and let yourself be tempted by local crafts.

9:50AM (09:50) Meet up outside Clarion the Edge
Get to know the guide and fit your bike
10AM (10:00) Start biking
11:30 AM (11:30) Arival Bryggejentene – Lunch
15PM (15:00) Back at Clarion The Edge

Included: Rent of e-bike and helmet + Lunsj and coffee.
Please bring: Clothing according to the wather
Number of participants: 1-8
Level of difficulty: Medium
Departure time and place: 10 AM (10:00) Clarion the Edge
Duration: 5 hours

When can I book it?

30 may 2023
Tour de Ersfjordbotn with e-bike 30 May 2023 - 10:00
31 may 2023
Tour de Ersfjordbotn with e-bike 31 May 2023 - 10:00
01 jun 2023
Tour de Ersfjordbotn with e-bike 01 June 2023 - 10:00

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