Stein Sørensen Persontransport

Stein Sørensen Persontransport

More than 40 years in the industry
Stein Sørensen Persontransport AS (SSP) was established in 1968, and has been registered as a limited liability company since 1998.
The company’s administration is located in Tromsø. We have a total of 24 full-time and part-time employees. In addition to transport by motor coach, mini coach and taxi, the company also offers full transport deliveries including everything from planning and traffic management through to the actual transport.

Satisfied customers
With more than 40 years’ experience and with lasting contracts for the public sector as a transporter of school pupils, disabled people and sick people, we have proven to be worthy of one’s trust. Our competence and seriousness is highly valued, also in a growing private market. Our number 1 rule is: Safely here – safely there.

Safely here – safely there
We wish to transport our passengers round the fantastic region of Northern Norway in a sensible and comfortable manner, and we are preoccupied with quality the entire way – from the moment you book right through until we drop you off. Consequently, we have a strong focus on our own organisation, drivers, vehicles and client’s requirements and the environment.

All types of personal transport
In recent times, we have expanded both the services we offer and the geographical range and have experienced strong growth with transfers, sightseeing and other types of personal transport. We have a fleet of 15 minibuses, several motor coaches and one exclusive Volkswagen Multivan. We have access to excellent guides for sightseeing tours and excursions.

Our core values and principles
· We shall always carry out the transport in a safe manner.
· We shall always ensure transport of good quality.
· We shall always be efficient and predictable.
· We wish to make everyday life easier for parents, teachers, passengers and institutions which make use of our transport services.
· We shall treat our collaboration partners the way we wish to be treated.
· We shall take care of the environment in everything we do.

Therefore, all our drivers are educated in economical and environmentally-friendly driving (ECO driving).
Address: Postboks 2229, 9268 Tromsø