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Basecamp Snowman in a snowy landscape
Snowy winter landscape
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Snowshoes with guide

Destination Snowman

This tour is conducted by Destination Snowman. Snowshoing is a perfect way to explore the Arctic. Starting from Basecamp Snowman in the mountain at 360 metres above sea level, you get a wonderful view as well.
Bardufoss Region has an inland climate with mostly calm and clear weather, which provides optimal conditions for snow and snowshoeing. At Basecamp you will be greeted by your guide, and given your snowshoes. After a short instruction, we decide weather to walk mostly uphill’s or in flat terrain. During the tour we’ll take a coffee break outdoor or in a shelter depending on the weather. Later you will be served homemade soup at Basecamp, also you can visit our little souvenir shop and the café.

Daily departures from Tromsø in the period December 1st - March 31st at 9am (09:00) from outside of Scandic Ishavshotel. You will be back in Tromsø at 6pm (18.00). The bus is run by the company Bussring, and is marked with "The Arctic Route". The bus is modern and comfortable with toilets, coffee/tea and a drive that offers beautiful coastal and inland experiences from start to end.

Latest booking 6 PM (18.00) one day ahead of the adventure

For the transfer Tromsø - Basecamp Snowman you have three different choices.
Remember to show up minimum ten minutes upfront of departure.

Transfer with The Arctic Route:
The Arctic Route bus runs from December 1st - March 31st. Departure every day 9am (09.00) from bus stop 70 metres south of Scandic Ishavshotell in Tromsø, back in Tromsø city centre 6pm (18.00). The bus is named «The Arctic Route» and owned by Bussring company. The bus is modern and comfortable with toalets, coffee/tea. Totale adventure is 9 hours. At this tour you do have time to book an extra adventure in Destination Snowman, please contact us directly at [email protected] Or, you can just stay at Basecamp, enjoying the beautiful view and the surroundings.

Transfer with Aurora Husky:
Aurora Husky bus runs in the period November 1st - March 31st. Departure every day at 9am (09:00 ) and 5pm (17:00) from outside of Scandic Ishavshotel in Tromsø, back in Tromsø city centre at 4 pm (16.00) or 12am (00:00). The adventure last for 7 hours.

Contact us directly if you are traveling from Narvik, you need an extra reservation for overnight stay.
Contact us also if you are traveling by your own car and just want to book an activity. And, if you would like to rent snowshoes and head off on your own.

Included: Snowshoes, snacks, coffee, lunch, bus transfer to and from Tromsø (approx. 2 hours each direction)
Please bring: warm clothes
Number of participants: 2-100
Level of difficult: easy

Address: Blåbærveien 45, 9321 Moen