Destination Snowman

This tour is conducted by Destination Snowman. Enjoy our Snowmobile fun! The nature in the Bardufoss region is absolutely outstanding; the climate is normally clear and cold with optimal conditions for snow.
Enjoy the snow from the back of the snowmobile! In this adventure you will learn how to maneuver the snowmobile, safe and carefully. Driving around in the snow is a hugely fun experience! You will follow our tracks which are well suited for beginners and easy to follow. You will be guided comprehensively through the whole experience and when you feel ready, you may drive further along the tracks to explore on your own! You will be driving in pairs and given the opportunity to swap seats along the way. To participate in the snowmobile experience, you need a driving license.

Duration: 3 hours
Included: Guide, warm clothes, snowmobile, coffee/tea, snacks
Please wear warm clothes, hat and mittens
NB! You must bring your driving license!

The best way to visit us is by driving your own car to Basecamp Snowman. Drive up “Myrefjellveien” to the center of Målselv Mountain Village, park your car in “Rognebærveien” where you will find a large parking space. Walk a few hundred meters over a footbridge until you reach the main entrance of Basecamp Snowman.

If you wish to visit us by bus, you can arrive at Buktamoen with bus nr. 100 from Narvik Bus Terminal or Prostneset in Tromsø. You can pre-book pick-up at Buktamoen at an additional cost, where you will be transported to Basecamp Snowman. Please note that no local bus lines drive back to Tromsø or Narvik at night time, so you will need to pre-book accommodation at Rundhaug Gjestegård if you wish to participate in nighttime activities. Local bus transfer ( and accommodation must be booked on our own initiative.
Address: Blåbærveien 45, 9321 Moen
Phone: +4777830570