Skittenelv Camping

Skittenelv Camping is a family friendly camping site, located approximately 25 km north of Tromsø city center. The campsite has a total of 20 cabins, witch 10 of is winter isolated with its own WC and shower. In total, the campsite offers 80 beds and welcomes tents, caravans and mobile homes (maximum 5 tonnes axel load) in the periode of 15.05 – 15.09.
At the site there is a well assorted kiosk and the worlds northernmost heated outdoor pool with a 50 meter long slide. The water in the pool is approximately 28-30 degrees celcius and we also welcome the smallest kids to our paddling pool with their own slide. (Weather conditions).

Skittenelv Camping offers lots of fun activites such as miniature golf, BBQ spots, playground and boat rental services. Our guests may rent bed linen and access to our laundry machine. We offer free WiFi on site and there is a pressure washer available to clean your car and caravan. Parking is free of charge for all of our guests. We accept animals in our cabins for an extra fee when there is a dog show. Otherwise it is free.

In Skittenelv Camping you will get to experience closely the beautiful and true north Norwegian nature. You can stay the night right by the shore while the midnight sun is warming our hearts, or even stay up all night watching the amazing northern lights during the winter season.

We welcome you to Skittenelv Camping, open all year long.
Address: Skittenelv, 9022 Krokelvdalen