dog sledding
dog sledding
dog sledding
happy huskies in the snow
dog sledding
peron cuddeling a couple of huskies

Self Drive Husky Dog Sledding

Arctic Adventure Tours

Learn to drive your own team of huskies across the Arctic wilderness! Come and join us and our 140 Alaskan Huskies as you experience an unforgettable adventure.
Our minibus will meet you at the Scandic Ishavshotel. Enjoy drive from the city along the scenic coastline of Kvaløya to our friendly and interactive kennel. Our staff will greet you at the door and get you kitted out in insulated Arctic Suits and boots.
Learn about the history of the Alaskan Husky and listen carefully to our informative demonstration of how to drive the sled. Follow your guide up to meet your dog team, who are eager, ready and waiting. Staff will assist you in starting your journey and then enjoy the ride!

You and your dogs will work together as a team. You must be active for this experience, leaning from side to side to balance the sled, braking on the downhill and kicking and helping the dogs on the uphill stretches. Throughout the tour your guides will take you across trails with breath-taking views of the snow-covered highlands, stopping periodically so that you may switch drivers with your partner - during these stops you will hear just how excited and eager these dogs are to keep running!

Once back at the kennel you will have a chance to say thank you and goodbye to your team before heading into a traditional Lavvu where you can relax with some hot drinks and our world famous chocolate cake. Afterwards, you are welcome to pet some dogs and take photographs in our kennel, before you will are transported back to Tromsø.

Included: guide, insulated Arctic Suit, hat, winter boots and mittens, chocolate cake, hot drinks, return to Scandic Ishavshotel
Please bring: warm clothing, thick socks, hat, mittens and camera, water bottle
Duration: 4 hours (1,5 hours of dogsledding)
Number of participants: 2-16
Level of difficulty: medium
Departure time and place: 9am (09:00), 11am (11:00) and 1pm (13:00) outside Scandic Ishavshotel
Please meet up 10 minutes before departure