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Sail and spa

Northern Yachting

Sailing and spa | Join a luxurious sailing trip!
Do you want to combine sailing with pure luxury? Northern Yachting has put together a complex package tour, where the experiences come in a row.
The trip starts in Tromsø's finest catamaran, where we set course for Uløya. During this trip you will experience fishing, whale watching, eagle watching and all the sea has to offer!

Spa and wellness
We sail you safely to Uløya, where you will be welcomed at the beautiful Arctic Panorama Lodge. This is the only SPA resort in northern Norway, and you get the opportunity to completely relax. You will have a three-day stay at this unique place, and it is arranged for you to be able to enjoy every second.
The lodge is peaceful and charming, and a relaxing haven far away from the busy and hectic pace of everyday life. Arctic Panorama Lodge is perfect whether it is a romantic getaway, a quiet weekend or an eventful holiday.
While at Arctic Panorama Lodge you can look forward to more culinary experiences. Here you can expect menus that give you mouth watering! Look forward to fresh, local ingredients of the highest quality.
After your stay at Arctic Panorama Lodge, you will be transported back to Tromsø.

Free access to the spa
You have free access to the spa and wellness zone at Arctic Panorama Lodge. Prepare for a relaxing stay where you can get in touch with both your interior and nature.
If desired, you can jump straight into the snow after warming up in the sauna. Feel free to end with a trip to the luxurious whirlpool! The spa department is designed so that you can take care of both skin, body and mind.
You can also look forward to massages, holistic rituals and energizing body scrubs. After visiting the spa, you will have new energy and at the same time feel relaxed.

Two hours of local storytelling
Northern Norway has a rich and fascinating history. If you want to learn more about this, you can join a two-hour history lesson.
The hosts at Arctic Panorama Lodge tell the local story and can answer any questions you may have about the area.

Three hours of dog sledding
During your stay you can join an epic trip out into the arctic nature with your own herd of Alaska huskies. Enjoy the spectacular views, and experience the joy and challenges of driving a dog sled through the snow-covered terrain. Experience nature as a polar explorer from the past would do!
This guided dog sledding tour takes you off the beaten track and allows you to experience one of Europe's last major areas of pristine wilderness. You can be either a passenger or a driver - depending on what you prefer.
Initially, you will get to know the dogs better, and the tour guide will instruct you in how to ride a dog sled. Among other things, you learn to put the harness on the dogs yourself. After the trip you can also join in feeding the dogs!

Three hours at the world's northernmost distillery
The stay also includes an exciting boat trip to the Aurora Spirit Distillery - one of the world's northernmost and most modern distilleries. This unique distillery produces some of the world's purest alcoholic beverages - made from Arctic plants and iceberg water under the Northern Lights.
To get us to Aurora Spirit Distillery, the experience starts with a 40 minute boat ride through the wonderful Lyngsalpene. We then land at Aurora Spirit Distillery like real Vikings.
Aurora Spirit Distillery produces both vodka, aquavit, gin and whiskey, and in place at the distillery you get an exclusive guided tour through the entire facility. You will learn more about how the different types of alcohol are produced.
Here you also get a glimpse into the mysterious history of the Viking Age drinking culture. At the same time, you get an insight into today's high-tech alcohol production in the north. You will both see, feel and smell a whole host of Nordic ingredients that help to flavor the distillery's beverages.

Daily opportunity for photo guidance
The trip offers countless experiences, both in man-made and natural surroundings. Bring a camera so you can document the journey along the way.
If you wish, you can also get photo guidance. You get access to this every day, so that the photos you take are the best possible.

Are you ready for an adventurous trip to the north?
The package tour is tailored so that all guests can experience as much as possible. At the same time, you should be able to enjoy quiet and beautiful surroundings, and recharge your batteries.
After many exciting activities, it is undoubtedly wonderful to be able to enjoy the silence and take care of body and soul. This trip is an experience!

Included: 8 hours sailing, 3 hours of dog sledding, 3 hours of Aurora Spirit Distillery, SPA, Certified Captain, Guide, Food and Drink, Safety equipment, Warm overalls, 3 night at Arctic Panorama Lodge, 1 night in our boat, Foto guidnes

Please Bring: Warm clothes, Good mood

Number of participants:2-8

Level of difficulty: Easy

Departure time and place: Meet up 15 minutes before agreed time during the period 22.06.21-22.06.22

Duration: 5 days

All trips to Northern Yachting always start with a safety brief. Furthermore, guests receive information about the trip they are going on, where we are going and what they can expect and should look for.
Address: Bruelvveien 9 , 9040 NORDKJOSBOTN