RIB boat tour

Tromsø Activities

Witness the waterways used since viking times
Learn about ecology and the coastal lifestyle
Enjoy historical and geological points of interest
Explore the beautiful nature of northern Norway
Sights only available by boat
Did you know that the old word "Fjord" means "Crossing" or "Passageway"? Fast fun adventures with safety oriented staff. A Rib boat adventure is the best way to see the sights.

Description and itinerary:
Our trip leaves Tromsø island. Every tour visit points of interest along the route. Old fish farms, and glacier arms used to define the landscape. Here the first settlers, arrived by boats. Then came Sami, Russians, Vikings and Finns, and it became crowded. In the Fjord, where Tromsø lays, was the border of the old kingdom of Hålogaland. From here on, was nothing but outlaws and barbarians.

The RIB is fast, and nimble. It gives a good impression of how animals of the area use the water to move around. The waterways give a snapshot of a much more global reality.

Fjords are deep, with strong currents. The geological history is visible in the narrow straits outside the “Whale island”. The word “Troms” is in fact belived to derive from the Norwegian word for current “Strøm”. The glacial scars are visible.

By the ocean, you feel smaller. The horizon opens up and you see why the Arctic is a strategic location. Here are new shipping routes, fishing banks and oil.

Important information:
Please bring gloves, warm socks, hats, scarf or other clothing articles that you`ll need to keep warm. It`s always better to bring too much than too little. Conditions may vary, and wind/rainy weather is not unusual. This tour will has two routes depending on the wind direction. Please bring some water to drink if you need to.

Included: guide, highly visible flotation suit, RIB-boat tour, transfer in a 9 seat minivan
Please bring: gloves, socks, hats, scarf or other clothing articles that you`ll need to keep warm. Also brink something to drink and eat if you need to.
Duration: 4 hours
Level of difficulty: Medium
Number of participants: 1-8
Departure time and place: 10am (10:00) from of Tromsø Activities, Storgata 107, 9008 Tromsø (on top of the Storgata/main street hill)
Address: Storgata 107, 9008 Tromsø
Phone: +4798899268