to mennesker ser opp på nordlyset som danser på himmelen
to mennesker ser opp på nordlyset som danser på himmelen
et nordlys som går parallelt på himmelen over havet mot land
kraftig nordlys som danser på himmelen
en kvinne som har hendene oppe og ser opp mot nordlyset på himmelen
minivan til green gold of norway som står med kaia
vakkert og grønt nordlys svever over himmelen og naturen
francisco som sitter i fjæra med nordlyset i bakgrunnen
sterkt nordlys på himmelen over fjell og havet
Privat Nordlysjakt med minivan

Private Aurora chase by minivan

Green Gold of Norway

This tour is conducted by Green Gold of Norway. Drive along beautiful Fjords, Mountains and Lakes on a professional yet friendly chase for the elusive Northern Lights. Enjoy having your private minivan just for you and your couple, family or friends.
Learn how to take Aurora pictures, and (weather and energy permitting) capture the magic Aurora in your mind, soul and camera.

One night the excursion might take you to the Finnish border while another evening the forecast will show clear skies on the Fjords at the west of Tromso, you will be driven there where the chances for clear skies are highest. Around Tromso at 69.43 degrees latitude North, if you can see stars in the sky, you can see the Northern Lights!

Once your driver puts your minivan under clear skies, is just about patiently waiting with some tea, coffee and Muffins until a quiet Aurora, a strong Aurora, or a super strong Aurora strikes.

Please note that success rate is 90% which means that 10% of nights there are either no clear skies in any direction or no energy at all. You will be informed about your chances before departure and if the chances are minimal and you don't want to take chances, the tour can be postponed or cancelled with 100% refund. If you decide to drive after having heard that the chances are very low and there is no success, no refund will be made.

Departure time and place: 7pm (19:00) or time as agreed, pick up at your hotel
Included: Private Minivan with guide/driver/photographer, tripod, thermal suit, mittens, shoes, pictures, transfer to and from, tea, coffee and muffins
What to bring: camera
Number of participants: Max 16 (8 per minivan)
Duration: 6 hours
Number of participants: 1-8 people
Level of difficulty: easy
Phone: +4792809057