Hval dykker ned i havet utenfor Skjervøy
Spekkhuggere som svømmer
Spekkhugger i havet utenfor Skjervøy
Knølhval i havet utenfor Skjervøy
Knølhval i havet utenfor Skjervøy
Knølhval i havet utenfor Skjervøy
MS Capella

Polar whale safari from Tromsø by boat

Polar Adventures

This tour is conducted by Polar Adventures. Welcome aboard our boat Polar Adventure to Skjervøy as you travel to one of the most central feeding grounds for the whales and orcas.
One of the best places in Norway to see humpback and killer whales is in the mineral-rich water off the Skjervøy coast, where a large population of herring and plankton is supported. While a guide describes the unique ecosystem beneath the waves and the fish and whale species found near Skjervøy, choose a spot on the deck to look for the whales.

We start the experience at 8 am in the morning so you are one of the first to arrive in the whale area and you also get to spend more time than other boats which depart from Tromsø. On the way north, we will pass beautiful mountains such as the Lyngen Alps and you can enjoy the landscape while drinking a hot coffee from the open bar. A variety of snacks and other refreshments are always also available in the bar.

Once we have arrived at the whale area, we will spend a long time with the orcas and the humpback whales so you can get an extraordinary view of the majestic animals. On the way back to Tromsø, you will be able to enjoy a warm lunch that is served by the crew on board.

Additionally, keep an eye out for sea birds, particularly the distinctive sea eagle, whose wingspan can exceed 8 feet (2.4 meters). Head below decks to the lounge, which also has windows that allow you to view wildlife, if you prefer to stay warm and out of the wind.

Note that you must expect some movement of the boat while at sea, so if you do get easily seasick, we recommend bringing with you seasick pills. If the weather is too bad or there are any other changes, we will contact you directly, so please be available for contact within 24 hours before departure. Each guest must have one seat on board, and you cannot reserve any seats.

Time of year tour runs: 1st of November - 5th of January

Meeting time and place: 7:40 am (07:40) outside Polar Adventures office, front pier, Killengreens gate 7-11
Departure time and place: 8.00 am (08:00) from Polar Adventures office, front pier, Killengreens gate 7-11
Included: Coffee, tea, water, hot chocolate drink, biscuits, snacks, a hot meal
(soup), warm clothing, one seat.
Duration: 8 hours
Number of participants: 10-60

Note that if we do not wait for guests who do not show on time, at 8 pm, the boat will leave the dock. Guest who does not show at time for the tour, will not be given a full or partial refund. We will however offer to reschedule for another day.
Phone: +47909 89 995