Whale diving into the ocean
Orcas swimming
Orca in the sea outside of Skjervøy
Humpback whale
Humpback whale in the sea outside of Skjervøy
Humpback whale
MS Capella

Polar whale safari from Tromsø by boat

Polar Adventures

This tour is conducted by Polar Adventures. Make your way to a centrally-located meeting point in Tromsø, where this tour begins, welcome on board of our boat Capella to Skjervøy Island.
The mineral-rich water off the Skjervøy coast supports a huge population of herring and plankton, which in turn attract humpback and killer whales, making it one of the finest places in Norway to see them. Find a spot on deck to scan for the whales, as a guide describes the unique ecosystem beneath the waves, and the fish and whale species that are found near Skjervøy. Watch for sea birds, as well, especially the distinctive sea eagle, whose wingspan can reach 8 feet (2.4 meters). If you’d rather keep warm and out of the wind, head below decks to the lounge, which is also fitted with wildlife viewing windows.

Meeting time and place: 7:40 am (07:40) outside the entrance of Scandic Ishtavshotel
Departure time and place: 8.00 am (08:00) from Scandic Ishavshotel
Included: coffee, tea, water, hot chocolate drink, biscuits, snacks, a hot meal (soup), warm clothing
Duration: 8 hours
Number of participants: 10-65
Phone: +47909 89 995