Perspektivet museum summer
two people inside the museum looking at paintings
Cora Sndel's books and bookshelf
bird cage and photo of woman on zip line
Paintings by Cora Sandel
Image showing QR code for walking tour
floating table and hat
explaining Cora Sandel painting
cartoons telling Cora Sandel life story
Crying child made of sand

Perspektivet Museum

Perspektivet Museum (Storgata 95) has shifting exhibits that exist in the space between local and global cultural history and art.
Right now the museum has two exhibits about the author and artist Cora Sandel/Sara Fabricius (1880-1971). This artist had deep connections to Tromsø, and to Florence, Paris and Stockholm, as well. Through these gallery exhibitions, visitors meet cultural history, visual art, literature, comic strips and contemporary art. Through paintings, objects and books left behind by the artist you can hear her letters, written around the turn of the previous century. At that time, she lived in the house that is now the home of Perspektivet Museum.
The museum’s dissemination of Cora Sandel can also be found beyond the walls of Storgata 95. Through QR codes on your phone you can take a story-guided tour through readings of her novel “Alberte and Jakob” (1926). This tour is free and can be done outside of museum hours.
Address: Storgata 95, 9008 Tromsø