Overnatting i lavvo med nordlys og reinsledekjøring
Overnatting i lavvo med nordlys og reinsledekjøring
Overnatting i lavvo med nordlys og reinsledekjøring
Overnatting i lavvo med nordlys og reinsledekjøring
Overnatting i lavvo med nordlys og reinsledekjøring
Overnatting i lavvo med nordlys og reinsledekjøring
Overnatting i lavvo med nordlys og reinsledekjøring

Overnight Reindeer Sledding and Northern Lights

Tromsø Lapland

Try the oldest vehicle from the arctic, feed our reindeer herd, spend the night in a tent just as our ancestors did, and enjoy the arctic landscape in this overnight tour while the northern lights might dance above you!
Get to know our herd of 300 reindeer and join on a 30-minute sleigh ride while enjoying the beautiful nature around us and the wonderful night sky from the north!

According to Sami people, the northern lights have a sound. Sit quiet and listen: maybe you can hear it too! We cannot predict when lady aurora shows up, but we are lucky to have a location with very little light pollution and beautiful nature to experience this phenomenon in all its splendour!

After a sleigh ride of approximately 30 minutes, you will head towards the fence and feed our lovely reindeers (many of the reindeer will even eat from your hand!).

Right after, it is time for dinner. We will gather in our Gamme (Traditional Sami hut) where you will enjoy some hot drinks and you will get to taste our traditional reindeer stew (Biddos).

When we are all settled and comfortable, our Sami guide will tell you more about the Sami culture and history, they will show you some of our traditional handicrafts and clothes too. There will be also time for questions, feel free to participate and ask!

At the end of the tour, when the rest of the group heads back to Tromsø, you will be accompanied to your tent where you will learn how to keep yourselves warm through the night, just like it has been done for centuries, in what we call “hot tent camping”.
Now you can get comfortable and unwind!

*Each tent has space for 1 to 4 travelers. The set up is two queen sized beds separated by the wooden stove.

*Solo travelers may share the tent with a second traveler.

*If the snow conditions are unfavourable, we keep the right to amend the duration of the reindeer sledding.

*All animals used for these services are trained for the activity, however, the behaviour of these animals can be unpredictable and therefore it is essential that all participants follow all given instructions for their safety, and the safety of others.

*The sledding takes place as a "raid" where each reindeer and sled are bound together in a long row with the lead reindeer in the front. This means that sleds are shared, two participants per sled.

*Alternative: The Reindeer Sledding is subject to good snow conditions and if the weather does not allow us to run the sled-ride we will offer you a partial refund.

Number of participants: 6-48 for the Reindeer Sledding. 1-12 for the overnight.
Level of difficulty: Easy / Family
Not suitable for wheelchair as the snow/terrain make it difficult to manoeuvre around the location.
Duration: 17 hours

After getting picked up at the departure location you will head hop on a scenic ride of approx. 45 minutes where you can enjoy the beautiful and natural landscapes on the outskirts of Tromsø. This mountainous area close to the Lyngen Alps is home to
magnificent coastal sceneries and idyllic villages, fasten your seatbelt and enjoy!

-Scenic transfers (45 min each way).
-Knowledgeable English-speaking guide.
-Entrance to the fence and feeding of the herd at our camp.
-30 minutes approximately of reindeer sledding.
-Hot drinks and hot meal (traditional Sámi stew or vegetarian option).
-Stories about the life and culture of the Sámi people.
-Overnight in one of our lavvo tents.

What to bring:
• Camera
• Woolen- /thermal underwear
• Personal equipment

Latest meeting time and place: 17:45 (5.45pm) at Radisson BLU Hotel
Departure time and place: 18:00 (6pm) from Radisson BLU Hotel
Phone: +47918 57 635