Northern Lights tour

Tromsø Activities

See this magical phenomenon in Northern Norway. Find the best viewing conditions and start snapping photos to capture the magic of the night.
This tour is conducted by Tromsø Activities.

Listen to your guide explain about the phenomenon and the landscape, Maximize your chances of seeing the Northern Light, Receive free pictures of yourself under the lights, Explore some of the most beautiful scenery in the world

Starting from the Tromsø city center, travel through the Fjordlands, Lapland or the outer islands of Troms in search of the Northern Lights. Weather permitting, we'll make a fire and take portraits under the spectacular lights. With the latest technology we find the lights nearly each time.

Lasting anywhere from 4 to 8 hours, the tour stops along the way to get a view of the fjords and the landscapes that were formed by glaciers over the past 1,000 years. Once a place is found, and the lights are out a fire will be started. We will provide some marshmallows and coffee/hot chocolate. Put on the snow suits provided if you get cold.

With a focus on photographing the natural wonder, your tour guide can help set up most cameras. The guide also brings their own camera equipment to make sure the beauty and magic of the night is captured.

General information:

Availability period: This Northern Lights tour by Tromsø Ativities is available during the period 1st September 2024 to 1st April 2025.

Important: Please make sure to bring appropriate clothing, especially on a windy day. The tour does not guarantee having clear weather and Northern Lights. Easy walking over slightly hilly or rugged parts may be included. Please note that there are few toilets available, but nature is a good substitute.

Included: transportation in a 9-seat minivan or 16 seat minibus, photos from the tour, snacks, snow suits if needed
Please bring: warm clothing, mittens, hat, scarf, your passport and something to eat along the way (no meals are included)
Number of participants: 1- 16
Level of difficulty: Medium
Duration: 4-8 hours

Departure times:
September 1st- September 15th: 9pm (21:00)
September 16th - September 30th: 8pm (20:00)
October 1st - October 30th: 7pm (19:00)
December 1st - February 28th: 6pm (18:00)
March 1st - March 20th: 7pm (19:00)
March 21st - April 1st: 8pm (20:00)
April 2nd - April 18th: 9pm (21:00)

Departure place: Departure from outside of Tromsø Activities, Storgata 107, 9008 Tromsø (on top of the Storgata/main street hill)
Address: Storgata 107, 9008 Tromsø
Phone: +4798899268