Kvelds tur – Arktisk fjord og reinsdyrs opplevelser
Kvelds tur – Arktisk fjord og reinsdyrs opplevelser
Kvelds tur – Arktisk fjord og reinsdyrs opplevelser

Night Tour - Northern Lights and Reindeer Experience

Wandering Reindeer

This tour is conducted by Wandering Reindeer. Join our Sami experience which combine several attractions in same package. Visit the reindeer herder and his reindeers, food and drinks, fjord, mountain landscapes and maybe the northern lights if we are lucky.
This tour starts 4.00 pm at Scandic Ishavshotel in Tromsø City Center. During the tour, guide will talk about Sami culture and history.

About half an hour of driving we arrive Kvaløya island which is surrounded by majestic mountains and Arctic fjords. You will be able to enjoy the view of the landscape along the coastal road of Kvaløya while we drive.

If we are lucky and see the northern lights during the tour, we will stop at suitable places to take pictures and admire the northern light phenomenon. The Samis have their own thoughts about the northern lights and the guide are happy to tell some of these stories.

About two hours later 6.00 pm we arrive the Sami reindeer herder and his reindeers which are living in wildness near Buvik, guests will enjoy reindeer herder when hi call for his reindeer herd, by using a bell. When the herd is gathered, there will be opportunity to feed the animals by hand, hopefully under the sky of northern light. Guests will also be gathering in traditional Sami lavvo (Sami camp) around open bonfire to enjoy joiking (traditional Sami songs) and learn more about Sami traditions.

After reindeer experience approx. 8.00 pm, we continue our tour to Sommarøy, which are a group of islands in the open sea with blue water and white sandy beaches. There will be some time to explore the local community by walking in the area by yourself.
Dinner will be served at Sommarøy Arctic Hotel at approx. 8.30 pm. Guests will enjoy fish soup with bread made of local ingredients, there are also other options like vegetarian and gluten-free soup. Remember to point out special wishes when you book the tour.

After enjoying the dinner and relaxing with coffee or tea, it is time to head back to Tromsø and reflect on a memorable experience.
We arrive at Scandic Ishavshotel Tromsø about 11.00 pm

This tour is easy but includes some walking off the beaten track in snowy conditions. Therefore, it is not suitable for children under 3 years our strollers. If you have any handicap or disabilities, please let us know we will try to help as far as we can.

Join us end experience the beauty of SAPMI

Included: guided bus trip, meal, coffee, biscuit
Please bring: Warm Clothings, camera
Number of participants: 4-16
Level of difficulty: Easy
Departure time and place: 4pm (16:00), Scandic Ishavshotel
Duration: 6-7 hours

Phone: 4748176329