Polstjerna - Bård Løken (c) Visit Tromsø
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Polstjerna - Bård Løken
MS Polstjerna - Ishavsskute

MS Polstjerna - Seal Hunting Vessel

MV Polstjerna was built at Moens båtbyggeri in Risør and launched in 1949.
It sailed for 33 hunting seasons, primarily in the West Ice. Its final season was 1981. That same year, the vessel was taken over by Arktisk Forening (the Arctic Society). In 2005 the doors opened to the covered dry dock where Polstjerna is now located. Visitors can enter the historic vessel and use an audio guide to hear stories about sealing based on Polstjerna. The enclosure also features the exhibition Snowhow, which deals with what the polar heroes learned from the indigenous peoples of the Arctic.

Please observe that the stairs inside the ship are very steep. Visitors not comfortable with climbing ladders are advised to stay on the main deck. Regrettably, wheelchairs can not get on board the vessel. Due to some high thresholds and dim lighting in parts of the ship, we recommend visitors with vision impairments to be accompanied.

Open from the 1st of June to the 15th of August.
Address: Hjalmar Johansens gate 12, 9007 Tromsø