Midnight Sun Tour by minibus
Midnight Sun Tour by minibus
Midnight Sun Tour by minibus
Midnight Sun Tour by minibus
Midnight Sun Tour by minibus

Midnight Sun Tour by minibus

Experience the Northern phenomenon: the midnight sun. From 21 of May till the end of July, the sun doesn't set. This means that around midnight the sun starts raising again, without going under the horizon.

Meeting time and place: 20.45 (8.45 pm) at Radisson BLU Hotel


Seeing this event over the Nordic sea horizon is unique and breathtaking. For this trip, we will take you over the western coastline of the Troms area, about 1 hour away from city centre of Tromsø. We have different spots, according to the weather and fitness of the guests, where we can sit down and live this moment.

During the scenic trip towards the west, we make several photo stops and tell you more about the Norwegian culture, traditions, people living here 9000 years ago, and now, and habits. We also increase your knowledge about the fauna and flora in the high North. This tour includes a visit to the most stunning fjord of the Troms area: Ersfjord. We also pass Kaldfjord, Katfjord and Sørfjord.

We start this tour from downtown Tromsø at 21:00. This exciting safari combines nature and culture, including small food tastings, a scenic walk (*) and enough time outside the minibus, so you will get the best of both worlds. We will make stops along the way so you can touch, feel and enjoy the dramatic scenery, which includes a longer stop to take in the scenery, the midnight sun as well as fill up your memory card.

This is a tour for the whole family, and you will get the opportunity to ask questions, take photos and stretch your legs in this amazing Arctic environment that we love so much. This tour is also ideal for photographers.

* The guest should be able to walk 2 kilometres. The walk will be adapted to the level of the participants and weather conditions, and we can accommodate different fitness levels.

Included in this adventure:

- Scenic tour by comfortable minibus

- Experienced English-speaking guide

- Local product tasting (reindeer meat, dried cod) - Hot drinks and drinking water

- Snacks

- Short scenic walk (from 400 meters to 2 kilometres / various levels are possible)

- Toilet facilities

- Scenery and portrait photos

- Stories, facts and humour about the history and present-day traditions

When can I book it?

26 jun 2022
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28 jun 2022
Midnight Sun Tour by minibus 28 June 2022

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