Mack Brewpub Guided Visit

Mack Brewpub Guided Visit

We invite you to the world's northernmost brewery, located in the city of Tromsø: Mack Ølbryggeri.

Meeting time and place: Mack Ølbryggeri, Storgata 4, Kjeller 5, Tromso at 13:00 (1pm)

Discover the rich history of Macks Ølbryggeri with our daily guided tours at the old brewery in Tromsø. Since Mack relocated its main brewery after 135 years, our historical buildings now offer a unique opportunity to explore the past and present of this iconic brand.

During the tour, you will gain insight into the ingredients and brewing process that make our beer exceptional. A 15-minute video brings you back to 1800, explaining that the booming fish industry was partly responsible for the start-up of this brewery. Afterward, our guide brings you along to the historical inside of the Mack Brewery. One tasting from Mack is included in your tour.

The visit ends in the beer shop of Mack, where besides beer, you can also bump into locals who buy the home-brewery installations, as this natural hop product has been popular, even since the Viking age. Skol!

Including in your tour:

  • A 15-minute video about the founding of Mack Brewery
  • Guided tour in the minibrewery
  • 1 beer tasting (or Arctic water for non-alcoholic)

When can I book it?

15 jun 2023
Mack Brewpub Guided Visit 15 June 2023
16 jun 2023
Mack Brewpub Guided Visit 16 June 2023
17 jun 2023
Mack Brewpub Guided Visit 17 June 2023

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