Vegard Stien
The Arctic Cathedral under the Midnight sun

Air travel

Tromsø Airport Langnes is an international airport that handles domestic and international flights. The airport is located approximately 5 km from the city centre. Most favored international flights are from London-Gatwick, Oulu/Luelå, Frankfurt, Copenhagen, and Stockholm. The airport is constantly planning on providing more international flight to other countries. Nevertheless, most international flights to Tromsø go via Oslo with an estimated flight time of 1,5 hours. Besides having frequent flights to Oslo, you can also fly to and from different cities in Norway.

When travelling in groups, most airlines provide special group prices. SAS, Widerøe and Norwegian offers direct flights to Tromsø from several destinations in Norway and other countries. Please contact the airline directly for more information on group prices.

Water travel

Travelling by water gives you an unique experience to see more of Norway and the Arctic landscape. The most common way to travel to Tromsø by water is with Hurtigruten. Hurtigruten navigates throughout the coast of Norway, as well as to other parts of the world. It operates year-round between Bergen and Kirkenes (west to north of Norway). Travelling with Hurtigruten not only gives you time to appreciate Norwegian mountains and fjords, but the experience of seeing the Northern Lights or whales along  the coast is something else. For more information and bookings, please visit

Another way to travel by water is with the Hurtigbåt (a speed boat ferry). This connects to islands and mainland along the Tromsø region. For more information and tickets, please visit

Ground travel 

This option takes a while in travelling time, but it also gives you the chance to see more of our beautiful country, heading from south to north. Unfortunately there is no trainline going all the way up to Tromsø and the closest stop would be in Narvik. From here you can connect with buses to Tromsø. You can also reach different cities in Northern Norway from Sweden and Finland.

For more information on trains and booking, please visit the following: