White husky looking at the view
Cuddling huskies
Relaxing huskies
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Husky Hike

Kvaløya Husky

This tour is conducted by Kvaløya Husky. Come and see what we are doing together with our huskies in summertime. At the same time enjoy the local nature of The Whale Island.
In the summer season the dogs get a lot of rest, after a busy winter season. At this time the dogs get to enjoy playing together in the running yard, getting more time with our mushers to cuddle and go hiking in the forest. When autumn approaches they also get to do wagon rides, which is quite similar to traditional dogsledding. The important part about the dogkeeping in summertime is that the dogs get to experience something every day. That is why we would like to invite guests to come for socialization and go for a hike together with our workers and dogs.
The hike will last from 1 to 2 hours, depending on the weather conditions and the guests´ wishes. On the trip we might see some wild animals like the moose, reindeer, foxes and eagles.

For this activity you need to bring your own weather appropriate clothes and hikingboots (should be waterproof seeing as we might come across wet terrains). Transfer to the kennel is not included, the adress is Leirstrandvegen 227, 9106 Straumsbukta (you need to book prior to your visit). We can arrange transfer at an additional cost, in this case get in touch at [email protected]

It is voluntary for the guests to walk with husky, but everyone will get the chance if they are interested.
This activity is at the difficulty easy, but every guest should be able to walk in varying terrain over a couple of kilometers. Every trip will be adjusted after the skills of the guests.

It is not recommended to book our activity if you suffer from back pain, epilepsy, heart problems or if you are in the late stages of pregnancy.

Included: guide, hike with husky on leash and hot drinks
Please bring: weather appropriate clothes and waterproof hikingboots
Departure time and place: 11:00 AM (11:00) from Leirstrandvegen 227, 9106 Straumsbukta
Duration: 1 to 2 hours
Level of difficulty: easy
Number of participants (min. – max.): 1 to 4 people

If you have questions or special requests get in touch at [email protected]