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Guidet havfisketur 8 timer - privat tur
Guidet havfisketur 8 timer - privat tur

Guided fishing 8 hours - private trip

Explore The Arctic

This tour is conducted by Explore the Arctic. Join our fishing trips in the pristine and rich waters outside Kvaløya. Our knowledge about the area is your guarantee for a successful trip.
You are very welcome to experience our adventurous fishing trips with an experienced fishing guide in the pristine and rich waters outside Kvaløya, west of Tromsø. The area is a world class area for fishing and it has been well known for sea fishing for centuries. In other words, get ready for a real adventure! Our knowledge and experience is your guarantee for a successful fishing experience.

Our area is well-known for the halibut fishing. Every year halibuts over 100 kiloes are caught in our area. The peaks and structures hold big cod and coalfish all year around. There are sandy plateaus which offer fantastic plaice and dab fishing. The area also offers good fishing for wolffish, haddock, tusk, ling, redfish and mackerel.

Before we start the trips, we discuss which species you would like to target. Some groups only like to chase the “record fish”, while others may target their fishing to catch as many species as possible. Whatever your goals are, we will do everything to meet your wishes.

Sea fishing in Northern Norway is demanding and the equipment has to be top class. All the equipment is included and we only use high end gear, mainly from Shimano.

During the fishing trip we will also teach you how to handle the catch correctly to improve the quality. We will prepare the catch for you if you want to bring it with you. We follow minimum and maximum sizes and when it comes to vulnerable spieces, we practise catch and release, as an example, release big halibuts.

We often experience close encounters with the local wildlife, which can include whales, seals, otters, sea eagles, puffins and many other arctic bird species.

When you make a reservation you can choose between two different boats. Explore the Arctic is a 10,5 m long Kloster Patrol equipped with twin 300 hp yamaha engines. Explore the Arctic Jr is a 7,3 m long Arronet 23,5 cc equipped with a 150 hp yamaha engine. The boats are custom built for sightseeing and fishing trips and designed with a focus on comfort and safety. They have walkaround deck and heated wheelhouse with seating and state of the art electronics.
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Practical information:

We run the trips 1st of May - 15th of September
Departure time and place: 10:00AM (10:00) at Lauklines Kystferie (Vasstrandveien 580, 9108 Kvaløya)
Contact us if you prefer a different starting time
The trips last about 8 hours

Boat Explore the Arctic Jr (maximum 3 persons): NOK 7 995 + gas
Boat Explore the Arctic (maximum 6 persons): NOK 10 595 + gas

Fuel comsumption:
Explore the Arctic Jr 1,5L/NM
Explore the Arctic 3L/NM

Estimated consumption:
The fuel consumption depends on how far out at sea you need to go in order to catch the fish species you want.

Explore the Arctic Jr
Fjord trip (10-15 NM): approx. 25L
Intermediate length (20-30 NM): approx. 50L
Far offshore (40-60 NM): approx. 100L

Explore the Arctic
Fjord trip (10-15 NM): approx. 50L
Intermediate length (20-30 NM): approx. 100L
Far offshore (40-60 NM): approx. 200L

We offer transfer go and return Tromsø-Lauklines at an additional cost of NOK 2600.

Included: Skipper/guide, fishing equipment, flotation suits, boots, socks, hat, gloves, coffee, tea, hot chocolate and pictures from the trip.

Exclusive gas.

Please bring: Something to eat if you like.
Duration: 8 hours
Number of participants: Maximum 3 or 6
Level of difficulty: Easy

When you make a reservation please choose if you like transfer from Tromsø or if you go to Lauklines on your own.

If the desired date is not available in the booking calendar, you can contact us on telephone 948 60 941 or [email protected]

For more information about the trips:

Phone: +47948 60 941