Guided City Walks

Guided City Walks

Join our guide on a fun city walk with a twist.

Meeting place and time: 10:20 (am) at Radisson Blu, Tromsø - Google Maps

Fun city walk in 90 minutes

Tromsø is a remarkable city, on 69-degree latitude. With its 75.000 inhabitants, stories, histories, myths and fun coincidences have been brought to the Arctic throughout the centuries and lived further into stories ... or have even barely survived.

Our knowledgeable guides have dug into books, spoken with locals, or have critically thought about the reasons of many of the events that happened in Tromsø. This results in 3 unique and diverse city walks, where our guides take you along spots, imaginary scenes, flashbacks, and buildings, ... all within the accessible city center of Tromsø. Let yourself carry away and bring some of the stories back alive!

The untold hidden stories and scenes

Join the 'All you need to know about Tromsø in 90 minutes: The stories behind the walls and under the ground.', where the guide will bring you around to Tromsø Domkirke, the city harbor area, the old city prison, while taking you back in history with fishing and entrepreneurial stories, ... which made Tromso the city it is today.

Included in your adventure

  • 1,5-2 hour walking tour
  • English-speaking guide

When can I book it?

15 jun 2023
Guided City Walks 15 June 2023
16 jun 2023
Guided City Walks 16 June 2023
17 jun 2023
Guided City Walks 17 June 2023

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