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Tromsø - The International Arctic Meeting Point

The International Arctic Meeting Point

An attractive region undergoing rapid development In recent years Tromsø has emerged as an exceptionally attractive conference city. Tromsø forms the base for powerful, unique and fantastic experiences. The harsh nature, a local business and industry sector that is gaining momentum and rapid development in the many knowledge-based environments have combined to make the city a preferred place for the establishment of new companies and the expansion of existing ones.

A strong internationalization seasoned with an extremely rich and diverse cultural life has turned Tromsø into a small metropolis among majestic mountains in Arctic Norway. The city’s location at latitude 69 °N means it is “only” 2000 km from the North Pole. Tromsø is a compact and urban city that is home to residents from more than 130 different nations. Visitors are constantly surprised to experience that a city situated so far north has hotels of international standard, bustling cafés, restaurants serving food of the highest class, an active nightlife and captivating museums and art galleries. The fact that the city is so close to the surrounding nature means that unique experiences and activities are available within a short distance of the city centre.

International Arctic meeting point – experience and expertise

With a long history of expeditions and research in the polar regions, Tromsø has become a centre for Arctic knowledge and science, and acts as a natural venue and meeting place in the Arctic. Given the city’s status within research environments, Tromsø frequently hosts conferences of both national and international character covering a broad spectrum of subject areas. This is largely thanks to the academic environments at UiT – the Arctic University of Norway, which is not only the world’s northernmost university, but also the largest research and educational institution in the Northern Cap – the counties in Norway, Sweden and Finland situated north of the Arctic Circle.

Tromsø has experience and is used to delivering high standards when it comes to quality and the ability to create memorable and unique events for knowledge sharing and networking. We know what works in our region, while at the same time experience allows room for innovation.

By choosing Tromsø as host city for your event, the organizer can rest assured that the conference is in good hands. Even when there are presidential and ministerial visits in the city, delegates are seen walking from one arena to the other. This is due in no small part to the short distances and the city’s unique and inviting hospitality.

Welcome to the Arctic

Good infrastructure and frequent flight connections with Oslo and the other major cities in Norway, as well as direct flights to international cities, means getting to Tromsø is remarkably straightforward. Delegates attending your congress will be able to travel to Tromsø easily and efficiently. Moreover, the airport is situated less than 10 minutes from the city centre.

Tromsø is the natural meeting point in the Arctic. The city will be able to meet the organizer’s requirements and expectations to host all kinds of international events. The congress city of Tromsø offers meeting facilities to suit the requirements of size and scale, most of which are within walking distance of the city centre, ensuring an efficient and compact event. In addition, Tromsø offers a strong commitment as a host city, with characteristic social events in the wonderful surroundings that help to create a unique setting for any major international meeting.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish your meeting a warm welcome to Tromsø!

Arctic greetings
Trude Pettersen
Convention Manager