Top 10 reasons to hold you busniness event in Tromsø
Top 10 reasons to hold you busniness event in Tromsø
Tromsø - The International Arctic Meeting Point

Top 10 reasons to hold your business event in Tromsø

If you`re thinking Tromsø may be the perfect destination to host your business event, conference, congress, incentive, we're positive you`re right!

#1 Accessible and compact

There are more than 2600 hotel rooms in downtown Tromsø within walking distance so meetings in Tromsø save time and simplify logistics.

#2 Suitable for all budgets

Big budgets or small budgets, Tromsø`s venues, accommondation and activities will cater to suit your needs.

#3 Easy accessible 

Traveling to Tromsø is no problem! There are several direct flights daily between Oslo and Tromsø, and twice a week from London, Tromsø has also direct flights to/from Stockholm and Helsinki.  

#4 Variety of venues 

Tromsø is the natural meeting point in the Arctic. The city will be able to meet the organizer's requirements and expectations to host all kinds of international events.

#5 Inspiring pre & post conferencing options

Many options, the choice is yours! Tromsø offers many different exursions, activities and attractions - all year round. Why not offer pre & post options for your delegates? Tromsø is also a perfect hub for other destinations close by.

#6 The Arctic Capital, an international city

Tromsø consists of inhabitants from more than 130 countries. In addition to all the international guests that visit us, this gives the city an urban pulse. We would say that this urban pulse cannot be compared to any other city in the northern part of Scandinavia!

#7 Arctic Urban Wilderness

It is a fact that Tromsø is loacted in the Arctic! Despite the fact that we are a small city in a global perspective, Tromsø has an urban touch. If you add the wilderness that is so closely linked to the city center, you get the three words "Arctic Urban Wilderness" - that's us, and we would like to offer you the same experience!

#8 Local and fresh food

Here in the North, we have the best fresh ingredients you can find. Cod, coalfish, halibut and haddock are harvested fresh from the sea, cooked and delivered straight to the table. Reindeer, goat and moose get their taste from the forests and mountains. Strawberries ripened under the Midnight Sun have their own sweet secret. The best food in Tromsø is prepared from these fresh ingredients, with all the skills of a master chef – such as goat steak, Arctic char in Pernod sauce, seal meat lasagne and grilled stockfish. Tromsø cuisine has been influenced by many new and exciting cultures and we love to try new ideas. Dinner is served!

#9 Northern Lights adventures

The zone in which the Northern Lights appear is an oval around the Magnetic North Pole. Tromsø is situated in the middle of this zone and, as a result, you have fantastic chances of seeing the Northern Lights here. Several magazines haveconcluded that Tromsø is one of the best places in the world to see the Northern Lights! 

Naturally, we offer many alternative Northen Lights experiences!

#10 Summer - 24 hours daylight

Midnight Sun and 24 hours daylight! During summer, the sun never sets north of the Arctic Circle and 24 hours daylight gives a perfect oportunity to combine your meeting or congress with some special late evening events.