Elektrisk gravel/landeveissykkel
Elektrisk gravel/landeveissykkel
Elektrisk gravel/landeveissykkel

Electric Gravel/Road bike

Tromsø Outdoor

This bike gives you smooth, natural-feeling hub motor assistance in a sleek off-road capable frame that holds a 250 Wh battery. You can rent bikes in Tromsø from Tromsø Outdoor Activity and Rental Centre at Fredrik Langes gate 14.
Bikes for tours ranging from a few hours around the city to multi-day coastal trips - light, reliable, and comfortable.

Bikes are equipped with:
- mud fenders
- one water bottle holder (only on men's frame)
- rear luggage rack
- stand
- bike computer
- hydraulic disc brakes

Included with the rental is also: a helmet, bike lock, repair set *repair set consisting of one spare tube, patch kit, tire lever, alloy key, chain
cutter, spoke adjuster and flat key 8 and 10 mm), pump, lights (mounted on the helmet), and reflective vest. We also provide a bike battery charger, should you wish to take one with you for longer trips.

In addition, you can rent:
- bike bags: rear, front and for handlebars (lowrider and handlebar holder follow bags)
- bike cargo and child trailers - max load on the bike should not exceed 120kg (please note that if you use a trailer the range for one charge will be shorter).
- afterbike
- bike racks for tow bars/roof racks
- hotel delivery/pick up and bike transfer along the coast (for electric bikes only bike return).

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Address: Sjøgata 14, 9008 Tromsø
Phone: +47975 75 875