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Dyrøy Holiday

Dyrøy Holiday offers a vacation of calmness and tranquility. You can watch Northern Lights in the fall and the winter and enjoy the Midnight Sun in the summer from our luxurious cabins and apartment at the seaside.
From the seaside cabins you can experience hiking in the mountains. The hiking trails go straight from the cabins and have varied difficulty and are suitable for all ages. We also offer historical trips from the cabins to the fortress from the World War II. In the summer one can enjoy fishing from the shore or our boats. Eagles nests are nearby and our guests enjoy eagle watch form the cabins.
In the winter you can enjoy snow holidays with skiing and dog sledge trips at Dyrøy Holiday from November until late April. “Heart My Backpack” have recently claimed Dyrøy Holiday to be the six of best places in Norway to experience winter.
Address: Mikkelbostadveien 260 , 9311 Brøstadbotn
Phone: +47900 50 393