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Beginners Sea Kayak Course

Pukka Travels

This tour is conducted by Pukka Travels. Glide quietly through crystal-clear fjord waters, smell the fresh breeze from the sea and get a chance to enjoy nature and maybe spot majestic eagles from the kayak. Sounds tempting?
Northern Norway is a paradise for kayak paddling, with fantastic Arctic nature and wildlife everywhere you turn.

Regardless of previous experience or fitness level, it normally doesn't take very long to get started with kayak paddling, but as always, good water safety requires some practice and knowledge. That's why this course goes through all the theory and practical training that you need to stay safe out in the waters. Aside from an ergonomic and efficient paddle technique and skills like getting in and out of a kayak, you will learn to do self- and assisted rescue if the kayak overturns. Once you have finished this course, you will be certified with the first-level wet card from the Norwegian Paddle Association. The first-level wet card certification gives you access to many other kayak adventures and rentals provided by Pukka and other operators along the Norwegian coast.

We meet up at the Pukka Basecamp in central Tromsø, from where we move to the nearby waterfront for practical water training. Most of the practical parts of our courses are held on Sommarøy. The areas where we paddle are commonly visited for sightseeing, sailing tours, fishing and other water sports, and the course is also a nice natural experience in itself. The fjords around Tromsø are home to big shoals of fish, sea birds, porpoises and migrating whales coming to feed during the winter. We can't wait to get you closer to the water through this amazing activity!

Included: Certified instructor, premium kayak & gear, coffee, light lunch.

Please bring:
As we will spend a lot of time in cold water, we recommend that you dress in double layers with a wool underlayer, breathable layer of sports clothes for the upper body and thicker wool for cold days. Warm socks and a warming jacket to wear on the beach are recommended.
If you wear glasses, make sure to bring a string to hold them in place to that you don't lose them during the activity.

Number of participants: 2 - 4

Level of difficulty: Moderate

Departure time and place: Kirkegata 1, 9008 Tromsø at 9 AM (09:00)

Duration: 2 days (9 hours per day)
Address: Kirkegata 1, 9008 Tromsø
Phone: 4799371010