Nordlystur med kamera inkludert
Nordlystur med kamera inkludert
Nordlystur med kamera inkludert
Nordlystur med kamera inkludert
Nordlystur med kamera inkludert
Nordlystur med kamera inkludert
Nordlystur med kamera inkludert

Auroratour with Camera Hire

Marianne’s Heaven on Earth Aurora Chaser Tours

Denne turen utføres av Marianne's Heaven on Earth Aurora Chaser Tours. I am Marianne and both my guides and i are professional photographers.
A Canon DSLR camera with a Canon 10-22mm wide angle lens, a spare battery and 4 GB memory card are included in the tour. We specialise in natural, low light photography and rural scenes, including flora and fauna. We are a small photography group up to eight persons per mini bus and take you far away from the main tourist trails. We supply everything you may need for your comfort; and to capture the Aurora shot of your life.

We drive in a 200 km radius, island hopping to the west, south or north and to Finland or Sweden.

We provide full night photography tuition troughout the tour so that you can catch the Aurora and the night landscape in all its glory.
We have live updates on the current state of the auroral oval and interplanetary magnetic field status. To maximize our chance of finding the Aurora, we are in live chat with weather forecaster until midnight, direct contact with other aurora guides and we keep a twoway radio contact with our sister groups..
In the past three years we found Aurora 96% of the time

To warm the cockles of your heart, we supply hot drinks and a finger buffet sometimes heated over an open fire – vegetarian food must be ordered on request. We will drop you off at your hotel or place of recidence at the end of the Aurora tour. Do you have any allergic reactions to dogs? Please state if so.

Addition to our tours this season: We search for unidentified flying objects (UFO) and aerial phenomena (UAP) that cannot be identified as satellites, planes, drones, helicopters, or other known objects. Guests can use night binoculars or night vision goggles to observe and capture footage of unidentified objects while waiting for the northern lights.

There is no guarantee that this part of the tour will take place. It depends on the tour guide's assessment of sky conditions and the interest of the participants. There is no obligation to participate in anything other than the aurora tour itself. Aurora hunting is our priority.

We are professional photographers with years of experience and a great passion for capturing the beauty of the northern lights and the night sky. Over the past 12 years, we have achieved an average success rate of 95% in our northern lights chases. Our vehicles are 4x4 and suitable for arctic conditions.

Join us on an exciting tour and experience the magic of the night sky. The northern lights tours start on September 1st, and the U.F.O. and U.A.P. search will be added later in September. We are approaching the peak of the solar cycle with high solar activity, and we anticipate an incredible season!

We hope to see you soon. The Heavens awaits you.

Included: Guide, transport, professional photography equipment (incl. camera), warm thermal suit, hat, gloves, boots, hand and foot warmers, ice grips, reflective vest, headlamp, hot meal (soup or sausages), hot drinks, tripod, photo workshop, drop-off at your hotel in Tromsø
Duration: 6-10 hours
Number of participants: 2-7
Level of difficulty: Easy
Departure time and place: 6pm (18:00) outside of Smørtorget café, Fredrik Langes gate 9

Address: Fredrik Langes gate 9, Tromsø 9008
Phone: +47971 73 074