Northern lights over forest
Persons watching the Northern lights, a sami lavvu in the background
Northern lights above Arctic winter landscape, and snowmobiles
Basecamp Snowman in daylight
Northern lights above arctic landscape
Northern Lights above snowy landscape
Persons sitting inside a hut with a bonfire in the middle
Northern lights above Basecamp Snowman
Northern lights on the sky
A hut with a bonfire seen from outside

Aurora Sky Point

Destination Snowman

This tour is conducted by Destination Snowman. Join us on an exciting hunt for the northern lights, just outside of Basecamp Snowman in Målselv Mountain Village, the heart of the Bardufoss Region.
Join us on an exciting hunt for the northern lights! Aurora Sky Point is located just outside of Basecamp Snowman in Målselv Mountain Village, ca. 360 meters above sea level. The stable winter climate of the inland region creates perfect conditions for observing the northern lights: cold weather and mostly clear skies! The area has minimal light pollution and free sight towards the northern skies.
This experience starts at Basecamp Snowman where we meet for an engaging talk with story-telling about the northern lights. After the talk we change into our warmest clothes and head out to meet the winter night to hunt the northern lights at Aurora Sky Point, a few minutes walk from Basecamp Snowman.
Our guide will show you our greatest locations for photographing the northern lights. Please be aware that the greatest photos of the northern lights demand camera equipment of good quality.
We serve coffee and tea by the bonfire in our cozy grill hut, or outdoors if the weather and temperature allows it. Whilst waiting for the northern lights to appear, you can visit our “Snowman Fun Zone” where you can enjoy some fun in the snow with classic winter activities like building a snowman, creating snow angels, throwing snowballs and much more! During the evening you will be served warm homemade soup!

Duration: 3 hours
Included: Guide, coffee/tea, warm soup

Please bring warm clothing
Level of difficulty: easy
Number of participants: 2-50
Address: Blåbærveien 45, 9321 Moen