Aurora Safari Minibuss

Aurora Safari Minibus

Best Arctic

This tour is conducted by Best Arctic. Aurora Safari is our complete, flexible and a small-group Northern Lights tour where we offer you all the comfort, safety and local awareness that you are looking for on a Northern Lights Chase.
A flexible Aurora chase in a small group

In Tromsø, every evening from September to April offers a chance to see the Northern Lights. With over 17 years of experience and around 8,500 tours, we can say that chasing the Northern Lights is what we are recognised for. This Northern Lights minibus tour from Tromsø is one of our best-sellers! Our team is made up of experienced and dedicated guides and local experienced drivers - all to put your safety on our highest priority in the Arctic conditions: together, they will use their local knowledge and check the weather forecast to find the best spots to see the Northern Lights. When there’s more than one minibus on the chase, our guides will communicate to see how conditions are evolving and decide which direction we should take. Being able to move around easily by minibus enhances our chances of seeing the Aurora Borealis. Each minibus has a capacity for up to 14 guests only.

An entertaining Northern Lights trip

Chasing the Northern Lights is also about being patient! While you wait for Lady Aurora to appear, your Northern Lights guide will entertain you with stories about this impressive natural phenomenon and life in the Arctic. Weather permitting, they will make a bonfire to keep you warm (thermal suits are also provided). Hot drinks and local snacks will be served.

When possible, we take you to private camps (we have agreements with local landowners), so we have unique spots to observe the Aurora Borealis. A shelter and toilets are available in these camps.

A Northern Lights Photo Tour

Our trained and skilled team will take winter and/or Northern Lights portraits of you and general scenery pictures so you have a souvenir of this amazing Arctic experience. Wondering how to take photos of Northern Lights with your own camera? Just ask your guide and they will help you with the settings and lend you a tripod. Good luck with your Northern Lights trip! Pictures, ideal for Social Media channels, are included in your ticket. High-resolution versions are for sale shortly after the tour.

You will be back at Radisson Blu Hotel by 2am at the latest.

We offer student discounts and youth rates. Owing to comfort and safety, children under 10 and people with disabilities are unable to join this tour.

Extra: Pick-up/drop-off from Tromsø Lodge & Camping when pre-booked: (Departure at 5.45pm).

·Knowledgeable and dedicated English-speaking Northern Lights guide
·Transport by modern and comfortable minibus
·Experienced local driver
·Hot drinks (hot chocolate, coffee and tea)
·Snacks and light meal
·Leave-no-trace bonfire (subject to weather conditions)
·Thermal winter suits
·Northern Lights photos from the tour (to be downloaded from our website) (low-resolution included / high-resolution without logo for purchase)
·Pick-up/drop-off from Tromsø Lodge & Camping when pre-booked (departure at 5.45pm)

Please bring: Warm/woolen hat, scarf and socks

Departure time and place: 07.00 PM (19:00) from Radisson BLU Hotel
Meeting place and time: Best Arctic Hospitality Desk inside Radisson Blu hotel in Tromsø at 18:45 (6.45 PM)
Duration: 5-7 hours
Difficulty level: Easy. Not suitable for younger children. Not suitable for wheelchair users.
Number of participants: 2-14

When can I book it?

20 apr 2024
Aurora Safari Minibus 20 April 2024
21 apr 2024
Aurora Safari Minibus 21 April 2024
22 apr 2024
Aurora Safari Minibus 22 April 2024

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