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Attme have (by the sea)

Lovely 2-bedroom apartment by the sea
Attme Have is a brand-new small hotel in Brøstadbotn in Dyrøy, which is in the northern part of Norway. (Between Lofoten and Senja). Our location has one brand new double hotel room in first floor and three brand new double hotel rooms in second floor.

The apartments is very nicely located at the very south end of a larger building very close to the sea, nature and wildlife is the nearest neighbor. Private terrace with the opportunity to fish or just enjoy life. The apartment is fully furnished with everything you normally need to have a comfy stay and live life.

All of them has separate bath/toilet + big balcony. The view from the rooms is great!
In second floor there are also a kitchen and a yoga studio with capacity for 6-9 persons.

The apartment are new and there may be some construction activity on the rest of the building on weekdays - this does not affect the apartment to any appreciable degree.

Leikny, which is the manager and yoga teacher are a schooled Yoga teacher (three years school) and she teaches mostly Hata Yoga in the yoga studio.

What we can offer:
The plan is to do yoga retreats, groups or single lessons on a regular basis or after demand. (We can and will adapt)
3 days, long weekend, 5 days? Demand dictates this.
If our tour operators/customers want’s us to, we can expand our offer. We will try to adapt as far as we can within healthy economical boundaries.
In the nearby area, there are possibilities to do all sorts of activities for those who wants that.

Yoga, and what to expect:
Classic hata yoga that Leikny present does work with all parts of the body. The physical body and the mental part of the body. This is done through physical exercises, breathing techniques, relaxation, mental training, and meditations. One of the unique things about yoga is the attention to breathing in the various positions, which in turn means that you encounter the moment here and now. You don't have to be particularly soft, slim or fit to participate.
Yoga is about getting in touch with yourself, your body, your breath, and your natural inner peace.
Common effects of yoga are relaxation, energy, well-being, openness and clarity. The physical part is yoga dissolves tension in the body and creates a freer flow of energy.
Yoga's breathing exercises remove tension and balance the body's energy. Relaxation and meditation give you peace and contact with the deeper layers of your consciousness.

How to get here:
We have very good transportation connection via the Hurtigbåt from Tromsø (Langnes lufthavn) / Harstad (Evenes lufthavn) or one hour in car from Bardufoss.
We can arrange transfer.
Address: Brøstadveien 343, Brøstadbotn
Phone: 004793229675