People walking in snowy landscape
People sitting around a bonfire
Fjord with silent ocean, snowy mountains and light from the sun below the horizon

The art of shoveling snow, then a warm lunch

Tromsø Lokal

This tour is conducted by Tromsø Lokal. A big part of our lives in the winter is shoveling snow. We want you to enjoy and contribute to the local community in Ersfjordbotn Go local with the locals.
During the winter, normally we have several heavy snowfalls. There is a local record in Tromsø, on April 29th 1997, with the official measurement of 240 centimeters or 2,40 meters. Because of the amounts of snow, we need to shovel. Shoveling snow, may be considered an art. There are specific principles on how to shovel and how to make this a healthy and fun exercise. You will experience the art of shoveling, learn about the different types of snow and the different layers of snow We will also introduce you to the wide range of activities we can do in the snow. After we have enjoyed the snow, we will relax and have a hot homemade soup at the local coffeehouse Bryggejentene

Note, we need snow for this experience.

Included: guide, transportation, thermal suits, kick sledges, tripods, homemade soup from our local coffeehouse "Bryggejentene", poles, kicksledges, shovels and spikes
Please bring: hats, gloves, scarf, winter jacket and winter pants. Shoes above your ankles. We recommend wool for base layer also for your feet
Duration: 4 hours
Number of participants: 2-8
Level of difficulty: easy
Departure time and place: 10:00 am (10:00) outside of Radisson Blu Hotel
Phone: +4790950571