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Whale skeleton at The Arctic University Museum of Norway
Alter at The Arctic University Museum of Norway
From an exhibition at The Arctic University Museum of Norway
northern lights interactive exhibition
museum grounds exterior
An ichtyosaurus fossil
Seabirds exhibition
a lynx chsing a sheep
viking exhibition of boat and grave

The Arctic University Museum of Norway

Marvels of northern nature and stories of northern people.
This museum offers science-based exhibitions, updated with the latest research. From fossils and rocks to wildlife and changing nature, the nature exhibitions «TellUs» and «UnNaturally» provides comprehensive information about the history of our planet Earth as well as the evolution and adaptations of birds and animals in the Northern regions. A huge ichtyosaurus fossil, a whale skeleton and a nugget of solid gold are among the highlights.

Explore the fascinating Northern Lights in the very interactive exhibition «Under the lights» where you can immerse yourself in the Aurora, play with it or meet with Northern Lights scientists. But beware – the Auroras are not only beautiful and nice, they can also provide dangers to our modern society...

The Sami went from being an oppressed minority to a modern indigenous people. Our exhibition «Sapmi – becoming a nation» tells about this troublesome journey and the fight the Sami had to put up for their culture and rights.

A Viking burial tradition was to bury people in boats. «Dig a grave – bury a boat» tells about this custom and the rich finds that are excavated from such graves.

See also a beautiful collection of Medieval and 18th century art from churches in Northern Norway, where the objects can tell as much about the local life as they can about stories from the Bible.

During the summer, the museum offers free activities for children every day at 1pm. The grounds outside include a Sami goahti (traditional turf hut), sand boxes where you can do your own digging for artefacts and fossils, hammocks for relaxing on a sunny day and a giant chess board.

The museum shop is well stocked with quality gifts and science toys, as well as a large selection of literature on Northern topics that will help you understand and enjoy this part of Norway even more. Check out the Sami jewellery!

Coffee, tea and light snacks are available throughout the week. On certain weekends, our café serves hot and cold meals (e.g. burgers, rice dishes and bubble waffles with ice cream) during the periods July 17-18, July 30-August 1, August 14-15 and August 28-29.

If you are also visiting the Polar Museum downtown, ask for the favourable combination ticket.

1 June - 31 August:
Open daily from 11AM - 5PM (11:00 - 17:00).

1 September - 31 May:
Monday - Friday 10AM - 4:30PM (10:00 - 16:30)
Saturday 12PM - 3:00PM (12:00 - 15:00)
Sunday 11AM - 4:PM (11:00 - 16:00)
Address: Lars Thørings veg 10,, 9037 Tromsø