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Arctic nature in a nutshell

Wandering Owl

This tour is conducted by Wandering Owl. Take a break from museums and shops and discover wilderness just around the corner!
Tromsø city is located in beautifully wild surroundings, which are there for you to discover.
During a three to four-hour trip we will show you a handful of selected places not far from the city, but yet revealing the magical landscapes of the North.
Join us on an easy small adventure and bring home memorable shots.

We can pick you up and drop you off at the harbour or in the city centre, so you can combine this tour to a city walk on your own if you wish.

Departure time and place: 11am (11:00) or 2pm (14:00) from Tromsø Tourist Information
Included: Guide, transfer, pictures from the tour, warm drinks and home-made biscuits
Number of participants: 2-15
Duration: 3.5 hours
Phone: +47484 60 081